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It is important to maintain continuity on the board and this year over half the current board members will not be returning. Therefore After much thought and consideration I have allowed my name to stand again as a Director in Zone 6 (Ontario West).

As most of you are aware this is a volunteer position. Directors receive reimbursement on expenses during their three year term but no salary or honorarium. I have been a CKC judge for 30 years however as a Director I am not permitted to charge a fee for these services. Directors attend meetings at least four weekends per annum (sometimes five) and also serve on a number of committees which meet either in CKC offices or by conference call. Done well, it can be a very time consuming (and sometimes stressful) position. I thank the many great members in my Zone who understand that decisions are made by the twelve Board members and do not always reflect what we personally may want or how we want them. The Canadian Kennel Club embraces a plethora of canine events: Conformation, Tracking, Agility, Obedience, Earth Dog, Rally, Drafting, Beagling, Retrieving, Pointing, Lure Coursing and the list goes on…

Canada is a large and diverse Country with many regional differences. The challenge is to attempt to be just and fair to all CKC members no matter where they live or what their pure-bred dog interests encompass.

The next three years I expect that much will be accomplished to improve services in a  member friendly capacity. There are many changes down the road so please watch this website for updates. If you have suggestions or recommendations please feel free to approach me at the Shows or drop me an email at

As well as this, Wendy and I are still judging and showing our Golden Retrievers, Flat-coated Retrievers, Barbet, Schipperke and Belgian Sheepdog on both sides of the border.

We had litters of Flat-coat and Golden Retrievers in 2014, Secretary of the Elora Gorge Kennel Club, President of the Southwestern Ontario All Retriever Society, member of The Southwestern Ontario Sporting Dog Club and a life member of the CKC and of the KW Kennel Club.

We also belong to about five breed clubs in Canada and the US.  Consequently, I am not always available by phone but can usually access my email and I endeavour to answer all emails.


Offering positive change through vision , leadership, accountability, effective governance, transparency and open communication with the members in Zone Six.

Striving for the long-term financial health of the Canadian Kennel Club.

Acting honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of CKC members and the CKC.


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